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  • Catégorie : Sécurité

  • Région : SETIF

- High school diploma or GED; 6 years experience in the culinary, food and beverage, or related professional area. - 2-year degree from an accredited university in Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management, or related major; 4 years experience in the culinary, food and beverage, or related professional area. - Leads kitchen management team. - Provides direction for all day-to-day operations. - Understands employee positions well enough to perform duties in employees' absence or determine appropriate replacement to fill gaps. - Provides guidance and direction to subordinates, including setting performance standards and monitoring performance. - Utilizes interpersonal and communication skills to lead, influence, and encourage others; advocates sound financial/business decision making; demonstrates honesty/integrity; leads by example. - Encourages and builds mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members. - Serving as a role model to demonstrate appropriate behaviors. - Ensures property policies are administered fairly and consistently. - Reviews staffing levels to ensure that guest service, operational needs and financial objectives are met. - Establishes and maintains open, collaborative relationships with employees and ensures employees do the same within the team. - Solicits employee feedback, utilizes an "open door" policy and reviews employee satisfaction results to identify and address employee problems or concerns. - Supervises and coordinates activities of cooks and workers engaged in food preparation. - Demonstrate new cooking techniques and equipment to staff. - Develops and implements guidelines and control procedures for purchasing and receiving areas. - Establishes goals including performance goals, budget goals, team goals, etc. - Communicates the importance of safety procedures, detailing procedure codes, ensuring employee understanding of safety codes, monitoring processes and procedures related to safety. - Manages department controllable expenses including food cost, supplies, uniforms and equipment. - Participates in the budgeting process for areas of responsibility. - Knows and implements the brand's safety standards. - Provides direction for menu development. - Monitors the quality of raw and cooked food products to ensure that standards are met. - Determines how food should be presented, and create decorative food displays. - Recognizes superior quality products, presentations and flavor. - Ensures compliance with food handling and sanitation standards. - Follows proper handling and right temperature of all food products. - Ensures employees maintain required food handling and sanitation certifications. - Maintains purchasing, receiving and food storage standards. - Prepares and cooks foods of all types, either on a regular basis or for special guests or functions. - Provides and supports service behaviors that are above and beyond for customer satisfaction and retention. - Improves service by communicating and assisting individuals to understand guest needs, providing guidance, feedback, and individual coaching when needed. - Manages day-to-day operations, ensuring the quality, standards and meeting the expectations of the customers on a daily basis. - Displays leadership in guest hospitality, exemplifies excellent customer service and creates a positive atmosphere for guest relations. - Interacts with guests to obtain feedback on product quality and service levels. - Responds to and handles guest problems and complaints. - Empowers employees to provide excellent customer service. Establishes guidelines so employees understand expectations and parameters. Ensures employees receive on-going training to understand guest expectations. - Reviews comment cards, guest satisfaction results and other data to identify areas of improvement. - Identifies the developmental needs of others and coaching, mentoring, or otherwise helping others to improve their knowledge or skills. - Ensures employees are treated fairly and equitably. - Trains kitchen associates on the fundamentals of good cooking and excellent plate presentations. - Administers the performance appraisal process for direct report managers. - Interacts with the Banquet Chef and Catering department on training regarding food knowledge and menu composition. - Observes service behaviors of employees and provides feedback to individuals and or managers. - Manages employee progressive discipline procedures for areas of responsibility. - Ensures disciplinary procedures and documentation are completed according to Standard and Local Operating Procedures (SOPs and LSOPs) and supports the Peer Review Process. - Provides information to executive teams, managers and supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person. - Analyzes information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.

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